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The enterprise Bolivian Adventures, originally founded in the early 1990s, began when Jorge Enrique Molina left his home country of Colombia in search of a new haven where he and his family could prosper. During his initial endeavor in Bolivia, Jorge farmed cotton and eventually purchased a piece of land in Santa Cruz. After a few years in agriculture, he realized that the abundance of doves in the flat lands of Santa Cruz provided great potential for dove hunting, even more so than he had been accustomed to in Colombia.

Jorge's primary passion is shooting and having already managed a hunting lodge during his time in Colombia, his dream was to turn his passion into an everyday reality. After 14 World Championships, 2 Olympics and many additional international championships, Jorge knew that he had the background and experience to share his passion with others around the world. Bolivian Adventures is the realization of Jorge's dream, with Las Palomas Lodge being his first step and continuing now with Los Guaduales Lodge.

A graduate of The University of Georgia and proud father of three, Jorge’s passion for shooting is exuded in his daily interactions with guests and all of his Bolivian Adventures family. Jorge’s relentless drive and business savvy have allowed Las Palomas Lodge and Los Guaduales Lodge to flourish. After more than a decade in Bolivia, Jorge has established himself and Bolivian Adventures as a mainstay in the safari industry.

Bolivian Adventures - All kind of birds

Jorge Eduardo Molina Jr


Jorge Eduardo Molina Jr., graduated from Lynn University in 2009 with degrees in business and graphic design. He is an integral part of the yearly operations of Bolivian Adventures. In addition to working closely with his father, Jorge Jr. captures guests’ unforgettable experiences as the company’s photographer and videographer. Jorge Jr. works diligently to ensure that all of Bolivian Adventures’ visitors leave South America with professional quality photographic keepsakes.

Felipe Molina Piper


Felipe Molina, graduated from University of Texas at San Antonio in 2016 with degrees in finance and accounting, serves as the chief financial officer at Bolivian Adventures. Felipe is responsible for the overall financial management of the company. He oversees the financial planning and strategy, the development of budgets and preparation of financial statements. In addition to his accounting and finance oversight responsibilities, Felipe offers broad management, internal control and strategic advice.

Bolivian Adventures - All kind of birds
Bolivian Adventures - All kind of birds

Karin Piper

Executive Chef

Karin Piper, wife of Jorge, is the executive chef of Las Palomas Lodge and Los Guaduales Lodge. For over a decade Karin and her dedicated kitchen staff have been entertaining clients of Bolivian Adventures with their mouth-watering recipes from all around the world. Karin offers family style and small menu dining experiences for guests, taking advantage of each day’s hunt. Known for her striking red hair, Karin strives to provide guests with an unforgettable dining experience.

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