Los Guaduales

Accommodations at our newest, most luxurious lodge include five-star king and double queen suites, outdoor swimming pool and cabaña, gaming room, outdoor barbecue, indoor hammock area and spa.

Las Palomas

Designed in an exquisite style the lodge has twelve double bed suites with different decorations, a swimming pool, a twelve person Jacuzzi and the most qualified staff.

Sir Pieper Microbrewery

Sir Pieper Brewing Co. is the realization of a dream - a dream of bringing the world’s rich brewing culture to the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. With the inception of Sir Pieper Brewing Co., we offer varieties of beer from around the world allowing the opportunity to indulge in true brewing inspirations from Britain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Australia and the United States. Created 100% in Bolivia by Bolivians, Sir Pieper’s goal is to enliven our taste buds with the experience of the vast spectrum of beer aromas, bodies and flavors.

The Brewery

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